NC2000 NC Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

NEW CHOICE(NC)Series Inverter/Charger is the latest model designed by Neway Power, developed on the base of NW series, itsolved the low frequency the problem of heavy and low efficiency. The transfer time is 3ms only, and function is more reliable andpowerful. And you can choose the priority of battery and AC power. It is an ideal for home use, special truck, RV, solar power systemand so onBattery power and grid power priority can be chosen function is our special design for the solar power system, you can choose ACpower Priority or Battery Power Priority For the solar power system, you usually need solar power firstly so you choose battery priority.and when the battery is low, the system will transfer AC power automatically, If for home use, we usually choose AC power priority.When there is no AC power, the inverter transfer into battery and inverter mode automatically. when the AC comes, it transfer to AC power automatically. It is the best choice for the solar power system!

Over 2 times surge power

12/24/48V  DC input

100-120V/220-230 V AC output

Pure sine wave

Connector for remote on/off switch

Input and output isolated

Digital display shows input voltage and %o of Max power alternately

Thermally controlled cooling fans

Input protection: Reverse polarity(By Fuse)/Under voltage/Over voitage

Output protection: Short circuit/Overload/Over temperature

1 year warranty

CE, ROHS &IEC approved

Optional: Remote port and priority between battery power and AC power

Model No. NC2000







Continuous Output Power 2500VA
Surge Rating 7500VA
Input Voltage 12V/24V/48V
Output Voltage 100/110/120±5% or220/230/240V±3%
Frequency 50/60Hz+/-0.5%
Output Wavrform Pure Sine Wave(THD<3%)
Efficiency (full load) 88% for 12V;92% for 24V;93% for 48V
No Load Current Draw 0.7(12V)0.4(24V)0.3(48V)
Input Voltage Regulation 11-15VDC/22-30VDC/44-60VDC
Input Leval Indicator Red/Green LED
Digital Display Alternate shows the DC input andAC loading% of maxium load
Failure Indicator Red LED


AC Input Volt 110VAC+/-10% or 220VAC+/-10%
Charge Current 30/15/7.5A
Charge Mode 3 stages charge mode
AC bypass/Grid backup AC Input AC grid power or AC engine
Transfer Time Inverter to AC grid,3ms,AC grid power to inverter,8ms
Max Transfer Current 20/10A
Description If there is AC grid power, the system uses AC grid power(bypass) the system will transfer to the inverter mode automatically if the grid is off
Battery Priority The system use battery power(inverter mode)firstly, when the battery is low, it transfer to AC bypass automatically
AC Priority The system use AC grid power(inverter mode)firstly, when the AC is off, it transfers to battery supply power automatically
Remote Port Available



General Date

Protection Overload,Short Circuit,Reserve Polarity(Fuse),Over Temperature ,Low battery ,High battery
Operating Temperature Range 0-40℃
Storge Temperature Range -30℃ to 70℃
Cooling Temperature control the cooling fan
Dimensions(mm) 448x192x130
Net Weight(kgs) 8.5


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