NS80 80A PWM Solar Charge Controller

The Neway Power 80amp PWM solar charge controller is ideal for middle solar arrays and DIY projects. This charge controller is capable of handling 960 watts worth of solar panels for a 12V battery bank and 1920 watts at 24V dc and 3840 watts at 48V dc.. The Charge Controller comes with a digital display with selectable Amperage or Voltage monitoring.  

  • Vivid and big LCD graphic symbols
  • Simple button operation
  • Automatic identification of system voltage level
  • Intelligent PWM charging mode
  • Adjustable charge-discharge protection
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Settable operation mode of load
  • Battery reverse-discharge protection
  • Battery low voltage disconnection(LVD)
  • Battery reverse connection protection
  • Overcurrent protection
Model NS80D NS8048D
PV voltage ≤50V ≤100V
Rated current 80A 80A
System voltage 12V/24V (Auto) 48V
HVD 16.00V×1/×2/×4
Rated current 80A 80A
No-load loss ≤14mA ≤16mA
Charge loop voltage drop ≤0.22V ≤0.25V
Discharge loop voltage drop ≤ 0.12V ≤ 0.12V
Charging mode PWM 4-stage(bulk, absorption,float, equalized)
Voltage of float charging 13.8(13V~15V)×1/×2/×4
Voltage of absorption charging 14.4V(13V~15V) ×1/×2/×4
Duration of absorption charging 2hs
LVD 10.8V(10V~14V) ×1/×2/×4
LVR 12.6V(10V~14V) ×1/×2/×4
Load working mode Regular control mode
Light control with switch-off point at night and switch-on point before dawn
Light control mode
Light control voltage 5V(1V~10V) ×1/×2/×4
Battery type GEL, SLD, FLD and USr(default)
Buttons LCD, 3 buttons
Heat sink AL alloy heat sink
Wiring PCB terminal, ≤25mm
Working temperature -20 ~ +55 °C
Storage temperature -30 ~ +80 °C
Working humidity 10% ~ 90%, no condensation
Dimension 220 x 153 x 77 mm
Net Weight 1220g 1240g
IP grade IP30
Optional function Remote communication,TTL, standard ModBus protocol
Accessory Temperature sensor

Remark: The Regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries:AGM,GEL,It is not suited for nickel metal hydride, lithium ions or other batteries,if abnormal batteries, you should make customized.




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